Sunday, September 06, 2009

Three months ago

Three months ago, school was still in session and we were patiently awaiting the arrival of summer.

Three months ago, we were dreaming and scheming of the fun we would have at the pool, in the backyard, on the road.

Three months ago we had yet to tour the US Capitol, visit Luray Caverns, or pick peaches and blackberries.

Three months ago I still blogged (at least occasionally) instead of spending all my free time on Facebook.

Three months ago I had never run 8 miles. Or even *thought* about running 8 miles.

But it's a new school year and as many of you know, I like beginnings. So a new look to the blog and another try again at blogging.

Seems like I spend an awful lot of time starting over, instead of just plugging along. But my writing is seasonal and summer isn't for writing.

It's for berry picking, car trips, beach vacations and enjoying every minute possible with the handsome guys in my world.

Three months have gone by too fast again.


tania said...

yay! you're back! love the new layout too. keep posting- you have a fan base out here! and, man- i agree- those three months flew!!!

Michelle said...

You ran 8 miles? Cool!